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SPASM #3 No Sex For You!


No Sex For You!

The image with the text was me being a smart ass and using a photograph that was given to me by a friend. Taking a poke at the dumb asses that are the Catholic Church.

Catholic Condoms

The thing is, the Catholic Church damn well know better and insist on remaining out to lunch which is why they are dumb asses. I discovered the Catholics are not alone in their no sex for you stance. I don’t even think it, I believe that we’ve found the “Stupid is as stupid does” that Forest Gump meant.

It just boggles my mind that any entity can take the stance that sex is only for procreation and contraception is forbidden any longer.

Sure abstinence is the best way to prevent disease and pregnancy but it has been proven for centuries that it just aint gonna happen! You can spout your dumb ass doctrine all you want and it aint gonna change thing one or thing two. People are going to have sex and the smart ones will take precautions.

While I did this piece as a dig at the Catholic Church I’ve learned, unfortunately, this piece has to be applied to other denominations of dumb ass as well!

Catholic Answers On Birth Control

Christian Fundamentalists Campaign Against Contraceptives

G.R. Hambley
August 25, 2015


5 responses to “SPASM #3 No Sex For You!

  1. Paris August 26, 2015 at 12:50 AM

    thank you my friend, I love a good rant and I’m loving your topics ❤ thanks for tagging me so I knew. Hope you are well xx Paris

    Liked by 1 person

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