Some Poignancy And Smartass Musings

Considerations by Gary Hambley

Street Theatre – I Act Too

Street Theatre – I Act Too

Scene Setting
Outside Coffee Spot

Bear and Well Known Crazy F***** ah um err FELLOW! Yeah that’s it, Well Known Crazy Fellow, (WKCF).

WKCF walks up to Bear and stops

WKCF says – Hello

Bear looks at WKCF, – says nothing

WKCF says a little stronger – HELLO

Bear says – Hello

WKCF says – Can I ask you a favour?

Bears staring at WKCF says – no

WKCF adopts unbelieving didn’t hear you correctly look and says – Pardon Me

Bear still staring and with more emphasis says – NO

WKCF takes step back and says – You say that so emphatically

Bear says – You betcha

Camera follows as WKCF muttering walks off down street exiting scene

Camera pans back to Bear standing and smiling



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