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Fashion That Hath “Get Lucky” Charms

Fashion That Hath “Get Lucky” Charms

Torn Jeans Advertising

Ladies to preface, there are ladies that have said I know more about women than they do. There is even one lady that declared me an expert on women after reading a few things I’ve written and some interaction that isn’t public.

I had this conversation the other day with a marketing friend who knows their stuff.

Guys for the most part are of the mind that if you’re gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk. Put up or shut up if you like.

Guys as I’m sure most women know, appreciate visual aids.

No delicate way to convey the message girls so I’m just going to spell it out for you. I would think that with the nature of a female animal you’d appreciate this arrives without cunning and conniving. The straight goods so to speak.

Those TORN JEANS and the great majority of them are torn at the knees, they send out a message that is about as subliminal as a train going in to a tunnel.

Those torn at the knee jeans are about as subtle as the old joke on how do you tell who the head nurse is.

Ladies so you know, those torn at the knees jeans are writing cheques you just may not be interested in cashing.

If you are so inclined, great! If you aren’t inclined, don’t wear them. Either way, that’s okay too because male and female, we all appreciate truth in advertising!

G.R. Hambley
October 09, 2015


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