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O’ Canada, Pay Attention

O’ Canada, Pay Attention

What you are seeing is commentary I left on a story of today’s date. The story is something that has been going on since Canada’s election in October.

Controversies that didn’t have to happen are still going on and will go on because of grandstanding (which I consider a seriously stupid action) by our new Prime Minister.

Putting people at odds, what a wonderful way to begin for a new leader.

What I’ve commented ties to this story:
Interim Conservative Leader Ambrose Year End

Our new Minister of Defence to his credit understands and recognizes that if you Bullshit Canadians they will recognize it and call you on it.
Junior, this Canadian is calling you on your Bullshit.
G.R. Hambley
December 23, and yeah it is still 2015
Stupid Shit 02
Because the shit storm Junior unleashed didn’t have to happen. Y’all get that? The shit storm didn’t have to happen The grandstanding dumb ass was showing off and he rightfully deserved the criticism received. That was one of two major gaffs within 24 hours of the polls closing.
With his big show off mouth he took merit appointment out of play in favour of gender placement. Me, I don’t care if it is an invisible bunny and a giant seahorse in cabinet if they got there by merit. With what this dumb ass did, he left speculation wide open that there are those in cabinet that do not deserve to be there.
The dumb ass knew election was coming and should of had his shadow cabinet in place ready to move in to the respective positions (give or take a few won or lost seats) after the election. All he had to do was say we had the people in place ready to move in to cabinet with a win and we’re putting them there. Done without fanfare and BULL SHIT!
Not Junior, he had to show off and I don’t for one second believe his, “because it’s 2015” wasn’t a planned response because he damn well knew he’d get asked about the placements on the gender announcement.
The other major gaff was our CF 18’s and that shit storm didn’t have to happen either. The dumb ass had no business saying Canada’s commitment was being withdrawn on election. The Liberals were not government and not privy to all the information. Nor should they have been privy to all information, wait for it, because they were not the government.
I’m sure you all are as well informed as can be and read what took place on an ISIS offensive. If you’re not, go read! In a nutshell our CF 18’s played a very important part.
You want another major gaff? Telling caucus that if they are told something by Butts and Telford to treat it as if it came from him. Well you know what folks, those advisers are not part of the government. If the Prime Minister has something to tell caucus, then get your ass with caucus and tell them. Check the link on previous advisers. I’m not real comfy with policy making coming from advisers if that is indeed the case.

4 responses to “O’ Canada, Pay Attention

  1. Darren Gregory December 23, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    Pulls no punches. I like that. Cheers.

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  2. Bill Shorten January 1, 2016 at 12:16 PM

    As is true with any newly elected leader, it seems we have oppositional critics in the shadows just waiting to pounce on every word that the PM says. However, what is really missing is the true context in which Justin Trudeau has said certain things.

    For instance, when he states, “…any communication from my top aids (Butts, Telford) should be considered as coming from me,” does this mean that he is giving complete autonomous power to these two advisers?; does he mean that he believes that these two people can be trusted to be entirely in-line with his politic platform, values and views?; or, does it meant that the people of Canada can be assured that anything conveyed by Butts and Telford is information that is being directly relayed from the PM?

    I like a good debate, even if I come to realize I’m wrong. How else do we learn anything? But the quickest way to turn a healthy debates into an unhealthy debacles is to have it with someone who turns your words around until they mean something else. Welcome to the world of political wrangling.

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    • G. R. Hambley January 1, 2016 at 12:57 PM

      Good Questions Bill and excellent thoughts and legitimate concerns too!

      Butts was behind Wynne. Butts is now behind Trudeau. I have this real nasty wag the dog feeling. If this Butts guy wants in, get a seat.

      Wynne’s performance speaks for itself. Trudeau’s promises and I’m not talking about the ability to deliver and am talking about the promises themselves.

      X amount of Billions to the 3rd world where corruption is rampant. How many hate it but see it as a cost of doing business? Until those 3rd world countries clean up the corruption, and they’ve had a few decades to do it, how can you in good conscience be giving them money?

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