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Some Poignancy And Smartass Musing

This is my second blog. The other, “transitionu” is more controlled as it represents me professionally as well as artistically. On occasion on the other site I’ve tamed things down some. This blog is different. It frees me to be a citizen so to speak. My separation of Church and State.

I am not vulgar and don’t use profanity much in my daily life and like the other site, you won’t see much here.

The following is also my first page posting for SPASM and also serves as my about page here.


Gary Hambley
My name is an email link

I am not completely certain how I’m going to grow this baby but I am very much leaning to having guest Smartasses with something to say in addition to my own brand of sanity insanity.

Rant with Reason is another way to look at it if you like.

I can see formatting could be a giant pain in the ass so lets call that the first rant!

This is mine and you can get your own! Insanity is not a commodity in short supply so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get your own if you don’t already have it!

I tend to enjoy Saturday mornings with coffee and pondering the week that was so maybe that is how this site will go. Perhaps for those in the moment I just gotta yap off.

I need to let this drip a bit. Find its way down to the bottom where the good stuff grow. I would of said percolate but who uses percolators anymore?

You can view my more urbane musings, poetry and art at;

One thing I can assure you, like my other location, you won’t see a lot of profanity because I don’t use it much in my everyday life or in my writing. Profanity is cheap and easy. I am neither of those!

The Cool Teddy Bear has been part of my persona for a couple decades and the show goes on!

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Exercise your own intelligent donkey!

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