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Higher Education Equals Indoctrination

Higher Education Equals Indoctrination

The “Globe & Mail” ran this story today, “John Furlong has won the right to get on with his life“.

This is no different than the Ryerson Teacher who led her class to the steps of the courthouse on the day the Ghomeshi verdict was being released on her “We believe the survivors” crusade. This thing knew from the conduct, just as we all knew from the conduct of the women on the stand it was going to be not guilty. It didn’t matter because she had to get her message out that she was right and that lying on the stand is okay and Law is wrong.
Careless with the truth the Justice said. Yet the conduct and the actions of the women just didn’t matter to this thing that led the class charge to the courthouse. Her actions are wrong on so many levels. I wonder if you were in her class and didn’t attend you got a failing grade. You have to believe anyone who could do what this thing did would certainly fail someone for not following her belief system.
That brings me to George Brown College and this little nugget. Also wrong on so many levels. See the flyer image. This shows the event has the backing of the college. Hell it shows that George Brown College is squarely opposed to a candidate in an election taking place in another country. Were the conduct taking place in an election in Canada it would be just as deplorable!
Top of the flyer, white text on the blue banner.
G.R. Hambley Photograph
Higher education is supposed to be teaching thinking and not indoctrination. Smarmy Liberal subversive mindsets looking to control the thoughts and feelings of the people that attend those institutions of higher learning.
G.R. Hambley – January 04, 2017
All rights reserved.



Privacy Or Lack Of , Anyone Surprised?

Privacy Or Lack Of, Anyone Surprised?

About a week ago I saw one of those FB Quiz listings and the quiz would tell me what words I’ve used most on FB.

It is about words and has a natural appeal to me. I clicked in and the new tab opens to the pretty much usual log on with FB and what FB data you have that you’ll be allowing the app to access.

I have my parameters set pretty tight and I really don’t care if anyone knows my name and what city I live in. Hell I promote those things myself with my online presence. I have two WordPress sites. This one for my more personal commentary on things I find that I feel belong separate from my poetry, art and coaching. Someone or entity wants to promote those sites for me, hey thanks!

My settings are tight and where I go, not many if any come with me. You take me with you on your internet excursions and those looking to follow you back and in to others aren’t going to have a lot of success with me.

With what this app does, it should be self evident as to what it is going to search to build the word list it returns.

The app ran it’s query and returned a blank. I screen captured the return and had a little fun with a friend who is also a teacher. We’d had an exchange about playing a word game. I sent my friend the screen capture and friend responded, “I can’t see them”.

I said, “That’s the point … there aren’t any to see … it returned none”. Friend got a kick out of that and me saying even FB won’t play word games with me.

You can see the screen shot and the bad sentence the app returns as well. The arrow and words in red are my addition to the screen capture. No I didn’t share it on FB.


Today I saw a story on this app in the Toronto Star stating the quiz is a privacy nightmare. This is the headline, “Don’t take quiz that’s a ‘privacy nightmare, tech writer warns”. The piece is a good one and well worth the few minutes of your time to read it.

The entity the story notes has a number of quiz topics and I know this because I went and searched on the named entity. If you care to search out more on the entity you’ll find there name in the story.

Take the time to delve in to your settings on any social media sight and understand exactly what you are making allowable.

Bottom line is this, when you allow access you are not just giving up yourself which should be more than enough consideration, you could also be giving up access to others.

One more thing before I close this off. This is a social media site and I’d be pleased and thankful if you share it around! You can also find me at transitionu.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
November 25, 2015.

Behavioural Science 101

Behavioural Science 101

Image 1

Sperm Snake

Image 2


Video 1

Please click the link for video viewing if required.

Solve the equation

Alas Poor Quoter

Alas Poor Quoter

Verily I testify, thy silent donkey did wend it’s way across my view.

I was doing some stuff this morning and ran in to this profound message image.

willie didnt say it

Me being after all, me, I left a comment for the person who posted this image up.

Shakespeare and this quote. Can’t be found in his works. It doesn’t even sound like Shakespeare. Further I don’t think he’d make such an untrue statement as “Before you write, think”. Anyone who can write and I’m one of them will tell you there are times when you don’t think and just let it flow.
There is thought that this email & social media masterpiece stems from, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”.
My heart aches from the thoughtless rehashed and WRONG and I fear my expectations that those looking to appear sensitive and profound will take the time to get it right before recirculating will never cease.

I suggested in my comment to the dumb ass that they try this, “Before You” by William Arthur Ward.


A friend and I had some chatter going back and forth about this shit and our musings included the like and share postings you see. My friend included this image and said this, “Apparently, the attached pic had been going around Facebook for a while, shared by Christians and other religious folk without them realizing who the man is in the picture“.

My friend said more and I’m not going to share what else was said about the image or our conversation. I’m reasonably certain this doesn’t surprise my friend in the least. Why am I not sharing? Because it’s none of your damn business which is also a rant for another day.


There is an expression that many know and it is, “Everything happens for a reason”. I’ve always seen those that run that expression out as defeatists and not the kind of people that understand acceptance.

I saw a response to the “Everything happens for a reason” on an image sometime ago and I believe I have that response correct and am happy to share it with you, “Sometimes the reason is because you acted stupidly”.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
October 20, 2015

SMACKED, deservedly so

SMACKED, deservedly so

I was poking around this morning. Usual get the day going stuff, coffee, email, coffee, news feeds, coffee, you get the idea. Saw a goodie by a friend on FB and left a comment. I decided to bring it up here and the giggles picture image is at the end.

Recently I smacked someone so hard they pulled the comment they had made in favour of a piece on LinkedIn off the piece. At the time I didn’t make a comment directly at the author. I had my anger and disgust noted and hey I had no clue you could pull a comment off and the comments made against that comment would go with it.

The author of the piece has now been smacked by me and if you’d care to go see what this individual wrote, be my guest.

This is what I left as comment for the author today.
You disgust me. Your kind disgust me. What ever possessed you to ask to get on my contact list I do not know and do not care to know.

I smacked the one proponent you had so hard with what I said that person pulled their comment off. So much for the courage of your convictions. There are to my mind two possible reasons that person pulled their comment.
1. Coward.
2. They were told to get it down by a 3rd party whose attention I brought the comment to which in actuality brings us back to reason number 1.

I’ll tell you what I told that other disgust me individual who pulled their comment off your piece after I had left comment for them.

1. God must have wanted me to see this piece of filth because here I am.
2. I am closer to God than you are and this is why.
3. God has parents.

Part of the reason my friend laughed, friend knows I do it.


Street Theatre – I Act Too

Street Theatre – I Act Too

Scene Setting
Outside Coffee Spot

Bear and Well Known Crazy F***** ah um err FELLOW! Yeah that’s it, Well Known Crazy Fellow, (WKCF).

WKCF walks up to Bear and stops

WKCF says – Hello

Bear looks at WKCF, – says nothing

WKCF says a little stronger – HELLO

Bear says – Hello

WKCF says – Can I ask you a favour?

Bears staring at WKCF says – no

WKCF adopts unbelieving didn’t hear you correctly look and says – Pardon Me

Bear still staring and with more emphasis says – NO

WKCF takes step back and says – You say that so emphatically

Bear says – You betcha

Camera follows as WKCF muttering walks off down street exiting scene

Camera pans back to Bear standing and smiling


Please, keep the white and can the wedge and skort!

Please, keep the white and can the wedge and skort!

Well summer is gone here in the hemisphere north for another year. Sure the calendar still says it’s summer for another couple weeks but the season for 2015 is gone.

I like the white. I miss it when the supposed fashion conscience exile their white wear to the closet for another year.

Had an exchange with a good friend of mine about fashion ugly a few weeks ago and me and friend female agree completely on a couple items of women’s apparel.

Ladies, singularly the “Skort” and the “Wedge Shoe” are just plain ugly. Together they are an atrocity!

I don’t know who decided these items of apparel look good but they just don’t.

I noted I’d gone for help on this. This is not just my observation. It is not just a guy perspective. This P.O.V. comes from some women as well.

The wedge with the potato sack burlap, yuck!

Enough cork to save a large man from drowning if he falls out of a expletive deleted boat.

On the left $425.00
On the right $250.00

I will grant you there is a style of wedge that isn’t bad. This style has no 2” lift under the ball of the foot and the heel lift is about 3”. Some curvature in the wedge between the ball of the foot and the heel. A style you can actually walk in and look good.

The Skort, is a real treat to behold when you see it from behind. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a woman in one of those god awful pieces of apparel and at least a piece of it wasn’t wedged in to the crack of her ass. Again, not a pretty picture!

When I was poking around I saw one Skort advertised as the “Guitar Strap Skort”. Yes it does go straight in to the “FUGLY” category.

Compounding the problem is the skort in combination with the wedge.

I have seen very few women who can walk in those damn things without being pitched forward. The wearer always looks like they are off balance. Probably because they are not only off balance but imbalanced for making that choice of footwear to begin with.

A Skort seems to become even more prominently wedged in a butt crack when worn with wedge shoes.

You look in the mirror on your way out the door and say to yourself, “I look good”. Well no you don’t and compounding the problem is there just aint many of you who can walk in those wedges. I know this for a fact because I looked!

If you want to wear shorts, wear shorts. If you want a skirt, wear a damn skirt. If you’re worried about your skirt blowing up and showing your ASSets, pay the hell attention to where you walk!

So ladies please, give us flaming heterosexuals some white and closet your wedges and skorts, forever!

G.R. Hambley – September 08, 2015 – all rights reserved

SPASM #2 – Learn How To Walk!

Learn How To Walk!

A goodly amount of people do not know how to walk. Oh yeah they do move around on their own two feet but are utterly clueless as to what is going on around them or where they are in space. Those walking around utterly clueless bugs the shit out of me!

If the people that don’t have clue one on how to walk drove like they walk, their insurance rates would be prohibitive because of all the accidents they’d of been in. Then there are the collisions the dumb asses not paying attention aren’t part of that people trying to avoid their inattentive dumb ass are having.

If you’re in a store, out on the sidewalk, where ever the hell you decide to stop. Don’t just throw the brakes on because you’re probably causing a pile up behind you. You wouldn’t do it driving so don’t do it when you’re walking.

Pay attention and get your dumb ass out of the travel path. People shouldn’t have to ask you to move or try and go around because you got your dumb ass blocking traffic! Driving, you wouldn’t stop in a lane and have a conversation with someone or throw the brakes on to stop and look at something that caught your eye. Apply the same principle to walking!

Probably the most important, don’t be stopping in the middle of a crosswalk to look at your damn phone! Not only do you piss off the pedestrians you inconvenience the drivers too!

No one should even have to ask let alone have to raise their voice and ask a second time to get you the inattentive dumb ass to move out of the damn way. Be attentive and considerate and move your dumb ass to the side.

Walking while looking at a phone should carry the same penalties as driving while on the phone.

Not being attentive while you waltzing yourself around with your head firmly up your dumb ass can have other penalties. The helicopter phone is one that carries a dual penalty.

I was out on Roller Blades and a dumb ass with his arm outstretched phone in hand steps on to the bicycle and blade path I’m skating on without looking. I aint going slow either! I got no where to go. I can’t go wide because of oncoming traffic. If I go on to the grass at the speed I’m moving, I’m getting hurt. I did the only thing I could, dipped my shoulder and hit that outstretched arm. The phone went helicoptering away. I’m pretty certain with me being almost 6’ close to 200 pounds that arm I hit got some pretty decent bruising. All I can say is to damn bad dumb ass!

I will try and miss a little kid. Man or woman, you’re getting hit. If it means I’m going to be tearing up my legs and going down in a heap because you were careless and or stupid, it aint happening, you are getting hit!

You’ll look both ways crossing a street. Well at least I hope you do or you’ll be wearing a car real soon. Look both ways crossing a blade and bicycle path too.

Walking and talking and not paying attention and expecting people to be looking out for them because they feel they are entitled to walk around oblivious to what is taking place around them.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to drive, LEARN! Once you’ve learned how to drive, WALK LIKE YOU DRIVE AND QUIT PISSING PEOPLE OFF!

That’ll do it for now.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
August 24, 2015

For those of you who don’t know how to use a washroom see here.

Next posting, something so ugly the designers, to use a phrase outside the politically correct world, “they should be shot and peed on and not necessarily in that order!